33 Things To Do This Summer: The Ultimate Southwest Michigan Summer Bucket List

Summer has finally (almost) arrived! Make the most of the glorious weather by checking off these fun-filled activities with the kiddos.

Southwest Michigan Kids
  1. Pick blueberries

  2. Visit a flower field

  3. Go on a dune ride

  4. Make smores

  5. Go camping

  6. Take a road trip up north

  7. Have a Yes Day

  8. Visit the farmers market

  9. See the fireworks over the lake

  10. Spend a morning at the beach

  11. Stop at a small town ice cream stand

  12. Watch a movie outdoors

  13. Eat at the drive-in

  14. Go tubing

  15. Watch the sunset over the lake

  16. Watch the sunrise over the countryside

  17. Ride a rollercoaster

  18. Plant sunflowers

  19. Go to a county fair

  20. See the hot air balloons

  21. Make art outdoors

  22. Watch a meteor shower

  23. Walk through the botanical gardens

  24. Pick peaches

  25. Make a pie

  26. Have a tech-free day

  27. Go to an outdoor concert

  28. Watch a baseball game

  29. Have a lemonade stand

  30. Dance in the rain

  31. Catch fireflies

  32. Watch a movie at the drive-in

  33. Ride the carousel

Did we miss anything? Feel free to add it in the comments!

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