Make It Earth Day Every Day

Every year, we celebrate Earth Day. But do we carry that forward throughout the year? It's an important, interesting conversation to have as a family. Call a family meeting, talk through some options and formulate a plan for the year. Every little bit helps.

We've come up with a few ideas to get you started.

- Plant native flowers and plants in the garden.

- Make a plan to reduce plastic usage.

- Get outdoors more often.

- Clean up your neighborhood, beach, park or school.

- Make a bee shelter or bee waterer in your backyard.

- Stop buying bottled water.

- Write letters to your congresspeople about protecting the planet.

- Do not participate in balloon releases.

- Cut down on consumption of clothes, toys and household items.

- Check out earth-friendly books from the library.

- Use your local, state and national parks.

- Grow your own veggies.

- Walk or ride your bikes around town.

- Start a composting pile for your kitchen scraps.

- Shop at your local farmers market. - Reuse gift bags. - Bring a plastic bag when you go to the beach.

If you have any other ideas to add, let us know right in the comments. Thanks!

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