Your 7-Day Guide To Spring Break Sanity

Unless they're jetting off to a fabulous locale, parents tend to have a love-hate thing with spring break. Sleeping in? Love. Hearing "I'm bored" a hundred times before the first cup of coffee goes cold? Hate hate hate hate.

The solution for the staying-put crowd is, quite possibly, taking it 24 hours at a time and breaking up the days into different mini-adventures. We've come up with a template that requires just the right amount of effort, but feel free to tweak as you see fit.

Monday - Something New

Pick an activity that you've never done before, whether it's rock climbing, ceramics painting, a cool cuisine to check out for the first time (Ethiopian is forever and always a solid recommendation), a new town to get the point.

Tuesday - Make & Take

Bust out the ingredients to make something at home in the morning. Playdough, cupcakes, slime, bath bombs, watercolor paintings and pretzels are just a few possibilities. After lunch, pick a nature preserve or park and take a leisurely hike.

Wednesday - Yes Day

From the moment you wake, let the kids make all the decisions for the day (within reason of course). If you haven't done this before, you'll be surprised how enjoyable it is to give in and let them call the shots, even if it means eating candy for breakfast.

Thursday - PJs All Day

You've had a busy week. It's time for a break, friends. Make a date with the couch and have a pajama movie marathon. Popcorn, blanket forts, puzzles and board games will nicely round out this much-needed lazy day.

Friday - Staycation

Explore your own town like a tourist. Grab a visitors guide and uncover any museums, landmarks or hidden gems you might have missed. Eat at the most popular spot in town, take a selfie in front of a mural, try an outdoor recreation and window shop in town.

Saturday - Spring Break Special

Head over to our calendar to see the special activities on offer across Southwest Michigan, and then make a game plan for the day. Crafts at the museum, swimming, rock climbing and cuddling with baby animals are just a few ways you could spend your day.

Sunday - Start a New Tradition Mark the last day of spring break with the beginning of a new family tradition. Just a few ideas: have a picnic (no matter the weather), family fun game night, kids vs. adults cook-off, scavenger hunt, watch the sunset over Lake Michigan, spend the whole day reading together, make a time capsule...

Here's to making memories and staying sane!

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