One Moment A Day: An Easy Way to Journal

I've never been a big journaling person, but I was flicking through the pages of a parenting magazine that inexplicably show up in my mailbox every month and came across an article that caught my interest. It basically amounts to writing down one memorable moment or quote from each day. I started off using a small notebook but quickly shifted over to my phone for convenience. It's been pretty amazing because aside from being able to look back on the little moments that might otherwise get swallowed up by the bustle of the day to day, it also creates a mindfulness in the present. It's simple to start to identify and look for these gems sprinkled throughout the day, savoring them as they happen and making a mental note for possible inclusion in the day's entry. I typically keep it to a single sentence, but that's just a personal preference.

Journaling | Southwest Michigan Kids

Truth be told, I haven't been perfect about doing this every single night. Sometimes I forget and have to go back and pull a highlight out of my memory bank. But it's still better than nothing. I'm hoping to make this more routine as time goes on, but can cut myself some slack when the days are especially long or I have other things on my mind. The idea to be more in the moment on a daily basis and also having something concrete, aside from photos, to reflect on is really a gift to myself and hopefully something I can share with my kids when they get older.

It's never too late to start, so consider giving it a whirl if it sounds like your kind of thing.

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