Snow Day! 20+ Fun Things You Can Do Indoors

The schools are shuttered, the snow is piling up outside, and even those of us who love snow days might be feeling their patience wear a little bit thin. But fret not. We've got ideas to while away the next several hours (or days...gulp) inside with the kids without getting cabin fever.

Snow Day | Southwest Michigan Kids

In no particularly order, here are over 20 sanity-saving activities that kids can do on their own or with a little help:

  • Build a fort

  • Make playdough, cloud dough, salt dough, slime, whatever

  • Bake a cake

  • Play hide and seek

  • Give each other a makeover

  • Decorate for Valentine's Day

  • Make an obstacle course

  • Play a board game

  • Do yoga (check out Cosmic Kid on youtube)

  • Color

  • Read a book

  • Put together a scavenger hunt

  • Create a new sandwich (kids' choice of ingredients)

  • Play dress up

  • Sing karaoke (youtube to the rescue again)

  • Paint a canvas

  • Do a science experiment (all you need is baking soda and vinegar)

  • FaceTime a friend

  • Make finger paints for a bubble bath (food coloring in yogurt or shaving cream works)

  • Do manis/pedis

  • Give the kids a big cardboard box and some markers and see what happens

  • Play charades

Have something to add? Let us know in the comments! And don't be afraid to bundle them up nice and good and send them outside for a few blissful minutes.

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