Moms, Please Do Something For Yourselves This Mother's Day

If I may be so bold as to give moms one piece of unsolicited advice for Mother's Day, here goes: do something for yourself. Go somewhere you enjoy...or stay home all weekend in your jammies if that's your prerogative. Eat whatever you want for a change without catering to the whims of picky eaters who probably wanted cereal anyway. Make your well-being the No. 1 priority for 24 hours. God knows you deserve it.

​Let's face it. We've found a way to make the one day that's actually supposed to be about mothers all about the kids and it's a dang shame because every other day is all about the kids. Moms have earned -- through literal blood, sweat and tears -- a day to indulge, to relax, to be still, to escape, free of all guilt.

So go do the adorable craft or head to a carnival if that's really what you want to do, but don't be afraid to graciously accept the cards and flowers, kiss the kids on their sweet little heads and then skip off to yoga, followed by a kid-free bunch with fellow moms or a quiet walk in the park.

Or do what I always say I'm going to do and check yourself into a hotel for a night. (That dream will come true eventually.) In fact, the Inn at Harbor Shores is our favorite hotel in the area and they're running a Mother's Day special, which I know sounds like a paid plug but really it's just how I'm daydreaming about spending my weekend.

Instead, I will be bunkering down in a rustic cabin with no electronics, wine or -- very likely -- warm showers for a family camp outing. We booked it without thinking about it being Mother's Day weekend, but I'm hoping to curl up with a book and binge on s'mores. Maybe there's even yoga there.

Happy Mother's Day to all you hard-working, butt-kicking mamas! xo

Moher's Day | Southwest Michigan Kids

We've collected a few indulgent Mother's Day options for your weekend consideration.

Virtue Cider - Fennville

Enjoy cheese and cider pairings, nature walk tours through the 48-acre property, and a potted herb sale on May 12-13.

Inn at Harbor Shores - Benton Harbor

Check in (with or without the family) after brunch for a lux overnight stay for $129. Get room service. And a massage.

Lazy Ballerina - St Joseph A BOGO tasting of wine or cider, which includes a souvenir glass and a chocolate truffle along with the release of new Niagara wine and scones.

Salt of the Earth - Fennville (SOLD OUT)

Grab tickets for a family-friendly 3 pm show to see the musical talents May Erlewine or an adults-only show at 6 pm.

Domaine Berrien Cellars - Berrien Springs

Enjoy a glass of wine, live music and a tasty lunch from local vendors. All moms get flowers.

Hat Happening Afternoon Tea - South Haven

Savory and sweet treats will be served during a charming "white gloves and pearls optional afternoon tea. Wear a hat that's special to you.

Woodland Wildflower Walk - Holland

Take a scenic morning stroll through Holland State Park to see the colorful spring blooms.

Artz & Gardenz Studio Tour - Saugatuck/Douglas Artists, growers and gardeners will open their creative spaces for a free Mothers’ Day studio tour.

The Women of Riverside - St Joseph Three members of the Reversion Music Society take the stage with great songs, stories and singalongs.

Lake Michigan Vintners - Baroda

Enjoy half-off tastings and live music in the Lake Michigan Vintners Tasting Room.

Mother's Day Brunch

Tabor Hill - Baroda Fernwood Botanical Garden - Niles

Plank's Tavern - Benton Harbor

Henderson Castle - Kalamazoo

The Kirby - Saugatuck

The Belvedere Inn - Saugatuck

West Cost Grille - Holland

Alpen Rose - Holland

Macatawa Legends - Holland

CityVu Events - Holland

Boatwerks - Holland

Head to the Southwest Michigan Kids calendar for all the details and other ways to spend the weekend.

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