5 Easy Ways to Nail Teacher Appreciation Week

Whatever you do to mark Teacher Appreciation Week, here's some sage advice: Don't look on Pinterest. Just don't. Instead, spend your time more efficiently by sticking with a simple, tried and true treat that they'll be sure to appreciate as much -- if not more -- than a punny gift idea.

One more tip: donuts > apples.

1. Gift Cards

Have you ever heard anyone say they wish they hadn't gotten a gift card? Make is something fun for them to treat themselves, like a local boutique, or somewhere practical where they can buy school supplies or something splurge-y.

2. Donuts

Bring in a dozen donuts (or fruit salad, yogurt, croissants, etc) in the morning for the teacher's lounge.

3. Coffee

Give a gift card to a local coffee shop or a bag of ground beans and some creamer to stock the school kitchen.

4. Wine

Pick up a bottle of good wine or liquor, only if you know they imbibe.

5. Massage

Grab a certificate for a 15- or 30-minute massage at a nearby spa.

6. Supplies

Ask if they need any classroom supplies and go buy those.

7. Flowers

Pretty flowers are good ONLY if they're already in a container and require no trimming or vase hunting.

Please note: most of these ideas do double duty as well-received Mother's Day classics.

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