DIY: Make These Sweet Reinbow Antlers

Last weekend, we were putting together some crafts for a community holiday celebration. At the last minute (always at the last minute), it became apparent that there was not enough brown paper for the reindeer antlers...and then inspiration struck. Whimsical reindeer headbands in every color combination imaginable. Because why not?

They turned out even cuter than imagined. So we had to make them again to share here.


Colored paper (in at least two hues)

Pom poms in any color

Pencil (for tracing hands)

Marker (for making eyes)

Glue stick or school glue


  1. Cut two 1" strips lengthwise out of your colored paper (we used two different colors).

  2. Fold leftover paper -- or a third color -- in half and trace your child's hand on it.

  3. Keep paper folded and cut out both antlers.

  4. Make eyes on one strip of paper, then glue antlers to the back.

  5. Glue two strips of paper together on one side, then measure on head and trim strips to size before glueing together.

  6. All done! Enjoy your sweet antlers :)

Surely Rudolph would approve.

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