Halloween Craft: Make Pretty Spottled Pumpkins

It might be a stretch to say that we nailed this DIY holiday activity from Color Made Happy, but it was reaaaaaaally fun and we got some pretty fabulous decorations out of it. Not too shabby for some free pumpkins (thanks, nice farmers' market vendor!) and $6 worth of nail polish from the dollar store.

We did it outside in case things got messy, which turned out to be unnecessary. Grab your pumpkins and nail polish, and a container of room temperature water with plenty of space to submerge your pumpkins.

Open the polish and shake the brush close to the water. The color will spread on the surface, unless you're holding it too far away from the water, in which case it will sink to the bottom. We did that.

Add additional colors quickly until you've got your combo just right. You're supposed to be able to marble the paint using a toothpick, but that didn't work for us. It might have been the brand of nail polish we used (Revlon, instead of Sally Hansen Xtreme).

Holding the steam, dip the pumpkin in side first and twirl slowly until the color adheres to the pumpkin. Set on wax paper to let it dry for at least an hour, then decorate to your spooky little heart's desire.

Let us know if you give it a try. Happy Halloween-ing!

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