6 Ways To Celebrate May Day

Happy May Day, friends! Typically observed on May 1, this whimsical European holiday celebrates the return of spring with dancing, ribbons and flowers. Even if you can't find a May Day pole to wrap your ribbons around, there are plenty of other ways to mark the holiday.

1. Leave flowers hanging from your neighbors' front doors.

Real or fake, a couple of buds wrapped inside pretty paper and tied with a ribbon are sure to brighten somebody's day.

2. Make a colorful ribbon wand and dance around outside.

All you need is some wooden dowels (or old skewers/chopsticks, as long as they aren't too pointy) and ribbon. Cut various lengths of ribbon and knot it on the end of the dowel. Easy peasy.

3. Hang a rainbow of ribbons from a tree.

This is so lovely you might want to leave it up all spring. Or at least until the next rain.

Photo courtesy of MaxPixel

4. Leave out a bit of honey water for fairies.

A little honey mixed with water in a sweet little dish (soy sauce bowls work perfectly), left by the front stoop or inside the window, sparks imaginations and helps our enchanted friends quench their thirst. Win win.

5. Make a flower crown out of buds from your yard.

Or, again, use fake ones if you wish. Tuck a flower behind your ear. Pin one on your shirt. Any flower is a good flower.

6. Serve up fairy bread.

This requires minimal effort but the kids never fail to squeal with delight over it. Take some bread (good, old-fashioned white sandwich bread is best). Slather it with softened butter. Pour on some sprinkles. Cut into cute shapes or dish it up as is.

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