What's On This Weekend: Jan 27-29

The little rectangle for Friday was blank, which was fortunate because I was crazy busy all morning and didn't have a chance to sit down and look until the day had past. But check out all the fun stuff to do on Saturday -- and that's with a few no-snow cancellations.

I'm partial to the owls, puzzles and indoor rollerskating, although probably the nice thing to do would be to ask my kids for their input. Hopefully they'll do the right thing and pick owls, puzzles and roller-skates.

Enjoy this last bit of January, folks!

National Puzzle Day


  • Enlist in a one-day boot camp to create a customized Minecraft game in Zeeland

  • Enjoy an Olivia-themed story time at the Niles District Library, plus a snack, craft and games

  • Roller skate (for free!) at the Park Township Community Center in Holland; skate/blade rentals are $1

  • Head outdoors for an evening of all-ages fun at the DeGraaf Nature Center, with games, crafts, lit trails, a scavenger hunt and homemade soups

  • Invite your little girl(s) out for an enchanting night at the YMCA's semiformal Daughter Dance in St Joe

  • Learn about constellations and planets during a unique night event at Hemlock Crossing in West Olive

  • Take an evening walk at Sarret Nature Center in Benton Harbor, warm up by the fire, and tuck into a hearty potluck dinner

  • Celebrate National Puzzle Day with jigsaws, crosswords and more at the Niles District Library

  • Meet the owl residents of the Kalamazoo Nature Center and take an evening "owl prowl" with the whole family


  • Dissect an owl pellet more owls await you at the Sarett Nature Center in Benton Harbor, where participants can learn about owls and dissect an owl pellet

Check out the Southwest Michigan Kids calendar for all the awesome details.

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