Make These Adorable DIY Christmas Tree Cards Already

I spotted a bag of colorful jewels at the store a few weeks ago and immediately know what I wanted to do with them. So we spent a slice of this snowy morning making Christmas tree cards for our neighbors, and they turned out even cuter than expected. Hopefully our neighbors agree ;)

Christmas Tree Cards | Southwest Michigan Kids


  • cardstock paper

  • paint (we used super awesome paint sticks to keep the mess minimal)

  • jewels or stickers"snow" glitter (optional)

  • any type of glue

Fold the short edges of the paper so that they meet in the middle. Paint on the tree and background. Glue on the jewels and glitter, then let them dry before writing your message on the inside. That's it. Easy peasy. These probably wouldn't hold up well in the mail, so hand delivery is best. You could easy swap out the tree for a dreidel and have a one-of-a-kind Hanukkah card in no time.

So adorable, right? And yes our coffee table needs to be refinished. But let's just focus on the cards. Make them!

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