Get 'Em Dressed: A Rainbow Of Low-Fuss Homemade Costumes

My 4-year-old has known since last November that she wants to be a unicorn for Halloween this year. Her little sister, however, changes her mind by the hour. Vampire. Ghost. Witch. Care Bear. Flamingo. Ghost again. I can't keep up. Between her costume idea du jour and my lack of commitment given all the ridiculously cute options out there somewhat within my realm of craftiness (shaking my fist at you, Pinterest), we haven't gotten any further than buying a few sheets of felt and a feather boa that may or may not get used.

In short, this year is shaping up to be a carbon copy of 2015, when on the morning of our first Halloween party I raided all the closets and threw together the sweetest little clown costume.

*pats back*

So if you haven't decided on costumes yet, you're in fine company. But maybe we can just take a minute to get this sorted so we can enjoy what Halloween is all about: the candy.

Scroll on for a whole ROYGBIV of DIY costume ideas in varying degrees of effortlessness and minimal store runs (most can be made even simpler).

Source: Instagrammer laurenmancke

Source: Taylor Made Creates

Source: Sugar Bee Crafts

Source: maddalee


Source: Costume Works

Source: Real Simple

Source: Ivy Rose Photos

Source: Leafy Tree Tops

Source: Get Your Own Mom


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