Crafty, Last-Minute Fourth Of July Ideas

OK, it doesn't get any simpler than these star fruit skewers, but they are freaking adorable. And the delicious epitome of summer. Grab some bamboo skewers and a star-shaped cookie cutter and you're halfway there. Writing out instructions would very possibly insult your intelligence, but I will say that getting the watermelon the right thickness took me an almost embarrassing number of tries. About a half-inch thick should work nicely.

We also spent the morning stringing necklaces out of red, white and blue beads and paper straws that I cut up into one-inch(ish) sections. The 4-year-old could string beads for days on end, but it took the 2-year-old a while to get the hang of it and she quickly lost interested, preferring instead to scatter the beads across the floor in pretty much every room of the house.

After that (and a coffee break for mom), we put together ribbon wands to wave around during our local Independence Day parade. Well, I did the manual labor while they looked on and squeaked orders about ribbon colors and so on. These seriously took less than 10 minutes to make, and the kids love them. Head to the store and buy a selection of red, white and blue ribbons, along with a pack of wooden dowels, cut the ribbons to various lengths, and then knot them near the top of dowel (you can also secure them in place with hot glue if you feel like it). Voila, you're done. Send the kids to play. Pour yourself a holiday cocktail. You deserve it.

For these and a handful of other super-cute, easy ideas, check out our Fourth of July Pinterest board. Happy Independence Day, folks!

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