30 Things To Do This Summer (The Ultimate Southwest Michigan Summer Bucket List)

Summer has officially arrived! Make the most of the glorious weather by checking off these fun-filled activities with the kiddos.

Southwest Michigan Kids

  1. Spend the morning at South Haven's South Beach

  2. Pick berries

  3. Make a pie with all those fresh berries

  4. Ride the antique ferris wheel at the Van Buren County Youth Fair

  5. Eat s'mores under the stars

  6. Eat tomatoes straight of the vine

  7. Plant something

  8. Have a no-tech day (weekly if you're feeling ambitious)

  9. Watch the Fourth of July fireworks over the lake

  10. Ride the Silver Beach Carousel

  11. Set up a lemonade stand (then donate the proceeds to a local animal shelter)

  12. Eat Blue Moon ice cream from Sherman's

  13. Climb the Warren Dunes

  14. Go on a camping trip (or set up the tent in the backyard)

  15. Pack a surprise picnic and whisk the kids away to the nearest park

  16. Enjoy an outdoor concert

  17. Watch a West Michigan Whitecaps or South Bend Cubs baseball game

  18. Catch a meteor shower

  19. See the sun rise over the countryside

  20. See the sun set over Lake Michigan

  21. Pick wildflowers

  22. Spend the day volunteering in your local community

  23. Watch a movie at the Sunset Drive-in in Hartford

  24. Swing in a hammock

  25. Splash in the Whirlpool Compass Fountain in St Joseph

  26. Chase fireflies

  27. Grab a meal at the West Lake Drive-in restaurant in Portage

  28. Take a day trip somewhere new

  29. Go for a hike at Sarett Nature Center

  30. Get on a boat/go tubing

Did we miss anything? Feel free to add it in the comments!

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