30 Ways For Kids To Show Kindness, Starting Today

What the world needs now -- and arguably always -- is a little extra of kindness, right? We've come up with 30 small ways that kids of all ages can do something nice for others. Hopefully those efforts will rub off on others, and before we know it there will be a full-blown kindness movement sweeping the nation. Let's spread it like confetti, friends! IN THE COMMUNITY Rake the leaves for your neighbor Pick up litter on your block Hold the door open for someone Buy popsicles or cupcakes and deliver them to your local police or fire station Smile at a stranger Volunteer for an hour at your local animal shelter Paint rocks with happy pictures and messages and leave them around town Pick or buy

30 Days Of Gratitude

Today is the first day of November, and we've decided to spend the month focusing on kindness and gratitude. An ongoing gratitude journal can be a great thing for older kids and adults, but for the little ones we're keeping it nice and simple. Spend a few moments at breakfast or before bedtime talking about one thing that makes your kid(s) feel thankful. You might need to give a few examples to get the concept across, but they'll catch on quickly. It'll be a fun little project to look back on at the end of the month -- and maybe years from now. Get the printable link here. Originally posted 11.01.2017

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