7 Spots To Get Your U-Pick Blueberry Fix

With the blueberry crop presently in full luscious bloom, we thought we'd share our favorite U-pick spots around Southwest Michigan with you. Call ahead if the weather is dicey to make sure U-pick is still a go, and don't forget the sunscreen and bug spray. We'll just be over here eating our collective weight in blueberries. And if you need something to do with all those juicy berries, this is currently our favorite recipe for blueberry buckle. Bowerman's Blueberries Farm Market 15793 James St, Holland Mon-Sat 9-7 | Sun 9-4 Joe's Blues 61687 34th Ave, Bangor Daily 10-6 | no spray DeGrandchamp's 76241 14th Ave, South Haven Daily 8-6 | $1.75/lb Pleasant Hill Farm 5859 124th Ave, Fennville C

Back to School! Mark The Occasion With Our Free Printable

We are still clinging with a death grip to our beloved beach days over here, but I guess it's time to get our toes out of the sand and shop for supplies, fill out forms and prep for the lunchbox saga, which starts off with Instagram-perfect, rainbow-hued meals and devolves quickly into a daily combination of Cheerios, cheese sticks and other beige foods. One of my favorite things from the beginning of last year was getting my preschooler to fill out this mini-questionnaire. She even drew a picture of herself on the back that is pretty much the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I'd show you, but I put it away somewhere safe and now I can't remember where that safe place is. (Forgetfulness i

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