What's On This Weekend: July 26-28

How is it the end of July already? We have barely even hit our summer stride yet, but luckily there are tons of fantastic family activities to partake in over the weekend, including such hot-weather staples as a county fair, drive-in movie, baseball game and berry picking. Keep scrolling for the summer details and have yourselves a glorious weekend! FRIDAY Meet a few of your favorite My Little Ponies during the Whitecaps baseball game in Grand Rapids Grab an elephant ear and enjoy the exhilarating rides and carnival games at the Ottawa County Fair in Holland (through Saturday) Check out the incredible art at Ox-Bow Studios in Douglas during Friday Night Open Studios tours and demos Create a

6 Old-School Yard Games That Need To Come Back

Last summer, I taught my two daughters how to play Red Light, Green Light. It was hilarious and they loved every minute of it. It also got me thinking about the old school games that I played as a kid and yes, a year later, I'm still stuck on them. So, are these still popular? Have you taught your kids any of them? And how mean is Mother, May I? 1. Red Light, Green Light One kid stands on one side of the yard, and everyone else stands on the other. The "It" person calls "Green light" and everyone runs toward him/her, until he/she says "Red light!" and they have to stop. It continues until the first kid reaches whoever is it. 2. Red Rover Two groups stand on opposite sides of the yard in line

Eyes To The Sky! Your 2019 Guide To Local Fireworks Shows

Whether you still get a jolt of exhilaration watching fireworks spark across the sky or simply take pleasure in glimpsing the wonder in your offsprings' eyes, chances are that you'll be looking for a perch from which to observe this year's Fourth of July spectacle. A multitude of fireworks displays will be illuminating the dusky Southwest Michigan horizon over the coming days in honor of Independence Day. If you plan wisely (and nap well), you could very well catch them every night over the long holiday weekend. July 3 Allegan - Riverfront Baroda - American Legion Field Edwardsburg - Eagle Lake & Juno Lake New Buffalo - New Buffalo Beach Niles - Apple Festival Grounds South Haven - North & S

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