Snow Day! 20+ Fun Things You Can Do Indoors

The schools are shuttered, the snow is piling up outside, and even those of us who love snow days might be feeling their patience wear a little bit thin. But fret not. We've got ideas to while away the next several hours (or days...gulp) inside with the kids without getting cabin fever. In no particularly order, here are over 20 sanity-saving activities that kids can do on their own or with a little help: Build a fort Make playdough, cloud dough, salt dough, slime, whatever Bake a cake Play hide and seek Give each other a makeover Decorate for Valentine's Day Make an obstacle course Play a board game Do yoga (check out Cosmic Kid on youtube) Color Read a book Put together a scavenger hunt Cr

{Printable} Little Resolutions For The New Year

Originally posted 12/27/2018 Despite all the glitter, bubbles and optimism, New Year's Eve was never my favorite holiday. Not even close. But as a mom, it has taken on a completely new importance -- and it's so much fun! We get so busy that it's hard to reflect on our day, let alone an entire year. But it's so very important to get introspective once in a while, and to feel gratitude for the blessings in our lives, the unexpected curveballs that life has thrown us, the place that we are in at this very moment, the wide open, unblemished future. And balloon drops and noisemakers aside, kids love any excuse to celebrate. Chatting with them about the past year, looking through old photos and ma

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