Ready, Set, Go! A Fall Scavenger Hunt Awaits

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." - Albert Camus With that in mind, head outdoors to explore this lovely, fleeting treasure trove of Mother Nature. Having some warm cider afterward wouldn't be terrible. Download the pdf right here.

What's On This Weekend: September 22-24

It's a pretty great weekend to live by the lake...or any body of water, or a pool, or an air-conditioned mall. But if you're brave enough to battle this crazy heat, there's family-friendly entertainment to be had in the great outdoors, from fall festivals and fishing to art shows and star gazing. Just bring the sunscreen and lots of cold water to drink.l On a related note: Why are parasols not really a thing here? They are amazing. FRIDAY Check out hundreds of amazing works of art sprinkled around GR on opening weekend of ArtPrize (through Oct 8) Celebrate Celebrate the rich contributions of the local Latino community through art, film and music during Holland's Tulipanes Latino Art & Film F

What's On This Weekend: September 15-17

We have a lot of favorite things, but the Superhero/Princess Weekend at Gull Meadow Farms in Richland (near Kzoo) was most definitely included on last year's highlight reel. It didn't hurt that they make some of the best donuts around. So while I can't recommend that enough, there's plenty of alternatives to make your weekend spectacular. Mine will be amazing no matter what because there will be birthday cake (!!!). Read on for the goods. FRIDAY Get to the Allegan County Fair for live music, delicious treats, thrilling rides and nonstop end-of-summer entertainment (through Saturday) Explore ArtPrize Nine at the GRAM with a free, kid-friendly tour of 16 diverse works of art (through Sept 17)

How Do You Like Them Apples? Your 2018 Local U-Pick Guide

Cider and donut season has arrived in perfect tandem with the tantalizing fall weather here in Southwest Michigan (none of that lingering summer heat), as if we needed any extra motivation to get ourselves to the nearest apple orchard. I've got big baking plans for my first batch of hand-picked apples (caramel apple hand pies) going down this weekend -- how 'bout you? Check out our guide to local orchards and then let's get picking! SOUTHWEST MICHIGAN U-PICK APPLE ORCHARDS Shafer Orchards | Baroda Apples: Molly’s Delicious, Golden Supreme, Gala, HoneyCrisp, MacIntosh, Golden Delicious, Jonathan, Red Delicious, Jonagold, Empire, Bella, Sonata, Snow Sweet, Cameo, Ida Red, Mutsu, Fuji, Rome - P

What's On This Weekend: September 8-10

Celebrate the region's abundant fall harvest by stomping grapes, picking apples, dancing in a vineyard, catching a parade -- the options are nearly limitless. Read on for more ideas on how to best spend this glorious September weekend. FRIDAY Head to the Allegan County Fair for live music, delicious treats, thrilling rides and nonstop end-of-summer entertainment (through Sept 15) Dash to the finish line of the pint-sized Little Feet, Big Feat race ahead of the Mt Baldhead Challenge in Douglas Explore historic replicas of the Nina and Pinta tall ships docked at the Michigan Maritime Museum in South Haven (extended through Sunday) SATURDAY Cheer on the mile-long fun run and meet community memb

Back to School! Mark The Occasion With Our Free Printable

We are still clinging with a death grip to our beloved beach days over here, but I guess it's time to get our toes out of the sand and shop for supplies, fill out forms and prep for the lunchbox saga, which starts off with Instagram-perfect, rainbow-hued meals and devolves quickly into a daily combination of Cheerios, cheese sticks and other beige foods. One of my favorite things from the beginning of last year was getting my preschooler to fill out this mini-questionnaire. She even drew a picture of herself on the back that is pretty much the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I'd show you, but I put it away somewhere safe and now I can't remember where that safe place is. (Forgetfulness i

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